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Dating a Woman in her 30's

1. She knows what she likes. She knows what she is looking for which means she won't waste her time or yours. Time is important to her. Many express "wasting their time" when they talk about relationships that did not work out..

2. She will be less demanding. She is not about stress or head games. Life is serious so she likes to have fun and will remind you how important it is to enjoy yourself. She has a playful side

3. She is a good communicator. She knows what she wants, and how to communicate effectively. 

4. She’s is confident! She is comfortable with her body, her imperfections, and she has accepted who she is. She doesn't need help to reach goals but won't turn down a genuine offer to support her in reaching new ones. Remember, confidence is sexy.

5. She has lived. This means she may have history, children. Her life is a package. Be prepared to have more than one new person in your life, you may have a new family which comes with more than just fun, it comes with responsibility. 

6. She dresses well. She has style, her own. She will impress you.

7. She’s not looking for drama. She will not add drama and if you are drama, she will walk away so don't be surprised. 

8. She wants a partner, not a child. As a man, you may be looking to be taken care of, a personal assistant, a mom -she is none of these. She is your equal and wants you to be the same.

9. She likes you for who you are. If she accepts you, she won't try to change you, so be yourself and let her be herself. In her 30's, she does not want to change who she is.

10. She is complete without you. She may want you but she doesn't need you. Know your value. You can bring fun to her life, add good memories and become one with her future but remember, if you pull her down she will let go. She was complete before you and will be complete again when you are gone. So treat her like you want to be there for her always. Be a positive!

Improving your Online Dating Profile
1. A friend may be better at writing your profile ...
Get a friend to help you write your profile.They see you differently and if you are a single parent, ask your daughter or son. They will surprise you with their perspective and they will point out what they like in you.

2. Avoid clichés
Even if you do like “traveling” or “camp fires”, everyone says that. Be real, add some detail. An example is that your favorite camping place is just north of town, where you sit and listen to your friends play guitar and roast marsh mellows by the fire. Add a reason you do it, or enjoy it.

3. Look at other online profiles
Find other profiles that are inspiring, eye catching. ‘Reading other peoples’ profiles might give you ideas for things to include in your own one.’

4. Choose action shots
Want more messages? Show you having fun, rollerblading, playing baseball, boating. Action speaks louder than words.

5. Stay positive
Stay positive about yourself. Focus on the silver lining in life. Everything has a positive side, show yours.

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The Hustle trailer starring Anne Hathaway is guaranteed to make you laugh. A top ten comedy movie pick for 2019.